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Core Community Management  uses Condo Certs for our documents and payoff requests. below is the information you would need to give to your Agent and Mortgage broker.

CondoCerts Customer Service Phone: (800) 310-6552

Core Community Management:

PO Box 802 Draper, UT 84020

Phone: 801-938-4022

Fax: 801-938-6057

Documents Requests, Condo certifications, Payoff Statements:

Core Community Management with its continued focus to provide superior service to its Common Interest Development Communities is proud to announce its adoption of the state-of-the-art document and data delivery system from CondoCerts. CondoCerts provides reliable, round-the-clock online access to all governing documents and critical project data for lenders, mortgage bankers, escrow officers, title companies, real estate agents and homeowners in need of information for Core Community Management managed communities.

To submit a request, log on to www.condocerts.com. If you are a first time user, follow the links to register. WRITE DOWN OR SCREEN PRINT YOUR USER ID AND PASSWORD. Your account with

Return to the CondoCerts home page, www.condocerts.com, and login using the user ID and password CondoCerts will be activated immediately. There is no cost to register for this service. provided. Follow the steps below to place or review an order.

• Click on Place A New Order and select the type of transaction. Click on Next to continue.

• Association Search:

• Select Search by Association Name or Search by Property Address.

• Select a State from the drop down menu.

• Enter Association Name or Property Address, depending on selection made above. Abbreviations

of the association name will broaden the name search, such as “Harbor” for “Harbor Cove

Homeowners Association”.

• Click on Search and a list of Associations will display.

• Locate the one you are searching for and click on the Association Name hyperlink.

• This will bring you to the Product selection screen. Click on the radio button to select the applicable

product. Click on Next to continue.

• Enter all necessary information on the form and click Next to continue.

• Select delivery options and click Next to continue.

• Review order summary and provide payment information. Click on Place Order to submit. Review

You are notified via email when your request is completed. Return to www.condocerts.com, login and click on Review Orders. Your request and any documents can be immediately printed or downloaded to your PC. Once completed, click on Control Center to return to the CondoCerts home page.

CondoCerts is an Internet utility developed to simplify the process of delivering and obtaining community association data and documentation for a variety of users in any association real estate transaction. CondoCerts delivers valuable association information in minutes instead of days or weeks.


4950 S. 48th St., Phoenix, AZ 85040

Phone: 800-310-6552 Fax: (402) 636-6366

E-mail: customerservice@condocerts.com